The story started 20 years ago when Professor Indiana Greg and his team were looking for the presence of rests of a Celtic tribe which lived near the old town of Edinburgh. In the ruins, Professor Indiana Greg was doing some extra time to find more information about this tribe. By walking on a strange slab, he activated a mechanism which opened a door. This door was the entry of a mysterious chamber.

This chamber contained a lot of artefacts from the Celtic time, such as swords, shields and helmets. But, in the darker part of the room, the Professor noticed a strange kind of paintings on the wall. After taking pictures of some texts on the wall, he realised that an artefact was lying on the ground. Again, the Professor took pictures and decided to touch it. Suddenly, he heard a strange noise and the wall and the cellar started to collapse.

Professor Indiana Greg jumped back and ran to the exit before all the chamber disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Back to his laboratory, he started to investigate the meaning to the writings fund on the wall. The language was actually the first version of the Celtic spoken 2300 years ago. After 12 years of hard studies, he fund the meaning of these inscriptions. They were describing the use of the artefact which was a kind of " game board ".

In fact, this artefact was used by the sorcerer of the tribe to determine the number of children that the nature will allow a couple to have. The tradition was kept until the first apparition of Catholicism in Great Britain. All the Celtic civilisation was destroyed or converted to the new religion. Anyway, a secret community kept this believe and stay loyal to the God Nature.

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